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Kimberly Kelley

Kimberly Kelley

Dr. Kimberly D. Buchar Kelley , Bassoon

Doctor of Musical Arts, University of Illinois, U-C.

Bassoonist Dr. Kimberly D. Buchar Kelley received her degrees in bassoon performance from the Harid Conservatory in 1997, the Eastman School of Music in 1999, and in the May 2005 she earned her DMA at the University of Illinois . Kimberly has taught bassoon and double reed method classes at Millikin University , Eastern Illinois University , Chestnut Hill College , and at the University of Illinois as a sabbatical replacement. She has performed in various orchestras such as the Illinois Symphony, New World Symphony, Palm Beach Opera, Sinfonia da Camera, BACH Ensemble, Lancaster Symphony, and the York Symphony. She is a member of the Dickinson Faculty Woodwind Quintet, the Pennsylvania Academy Woodwind Quintet, Messiah College Faculty Quintet, and a founding member of the Trelumina Trio. Her major teachers include Phillip Kolker, Arthur Weisberg, John Hunt, and Timothy McGovern. Currently, Dr. Kelley is teaching bassoon at Dickinson College , Franklin and Marshall College , York College , Messiah College , the Maryland Conservatory of Music, and the Pennsylvania Academy of Music, and performing throughout the area.

Contact: info@musicismagic.com

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